Paving the Way for ACCS

The CEO/Founder, Dr. Deanee’ Johnson, began her career in victim services as a volunteer mentor for adolescent sexual assault survivors in 1999 in Huntsville, Texas. That volunteer experience was the catalyst which shaped her educational and professional life of service to those most in need and often invisible in society. The journey includes additional volunteer work at a rape crisis center, field experience and academic credentials, all of which led to a Visiting Fellowship with the Department of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime. 

During her tenure as a DOJ Fellow, she was responsible for creating the Child Exploitation and Polyvictimization Working Group and focused her expertise on the victim services recommendations of the National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction. She is the Chairwoman emeritus of the Advisory Board for the non-profit Preparedness Without Paranoia and is on the National Steering Committee for the Linking Systems of Care for Children and Youth, Office for Victims of Crime, Demonstration Project.

Dr. Johnson began ACCS to help progress the response to trauma and guide the strategy behind organizational implementation of policies and procedures affecting children and their families. Her team of experts bring the universal lived experience of working with multidisciplinary teams to the next level of understanding, where language and culture vary, but the effects of trauma are universal.

Interprofessional teams that respect the need for ‘psychological safety’ create an environment in which frank conversations allow discussion of problems, inconsistencies, and even errors without fear of reprisal.”

—Blaiser and Nevins

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Our team has worked in the crime victim field directly with survivors, multidisciplinary teams, large and small agencies, and government entities. We are unique because we are not prescriptive. We listen to our clients and collaborate with them to determine the best course of action. Your journey is our journey.

Sometimes the obstacles that we see in front of us are the landscapes to something beautiful. We believe challenges placed before us are opportunities to assess where we are and how we can do better and be better.

Listen to Dr. Deanee' Johnson discuss child exploitation and polyvictimization.
ACCS CEO, Dr. Deanee’ Johnson on The Easy Prey Podcast